American Hydrogen Association(AHA)--美国氢协会

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  Mission of the AHA

  Develop and prove solar hydrogen technologies that will eliminate economic, environmental and energy hardships caused by burning one million years accumulation of fossil fuels every year andEducate scientists, entrepreneurs and experimenters, parents and educators, CEO' s, legislators, utilities, the media and farmers how to use solar hydrogen to create sustainable prosperity without pollution.

  AHA in a Nutshell

  Most of us have figured out that petroleum is not going to last forever and that burning it is getting expensive and the pollution damages our health and environment. Some solutions offered are" Drill, Baby, Drill" , nuclear reactors, fracking, ' clean' coal, and electric cars, which recharge by burning fossil fuels. Solar, wind and ocean wave or tidal power are clean and renewable, but are intermittent and are nowhere near meeting even today' s demand, let alone the needs of 9 billion people in 2050.

  The AHA contends that hydrogen is a common sense answer to many of our problems. Hydrogen can be made cheaply from sunshine and water, it safely stores energy and transports it in pipelines, burning it only produces more water and fuel cells can produce electricity for your home, factory or a hospital in spite of blizzards and hurricanes.

  So why isn' t every one talking about hydrogen? Whenever hydrogen is mentioned, the Hindenburg comes to mind, although it' s unlikely hydrogen had anything to do with the fire or any fatalities. We can hardly expect oil companies and utilities to promote a competing fuel. The AHA educates citizens through this website, a newsletter, chapter meetings, event exhibits, library book donations, classes, and videos. We already have much of the technology we need. We need to start putting millions of people to work building the Hydrogen Age. Come along with us for the ride. It' s going to be great.

  AHA History

  1966 - The Hydrogen Association began holding regular meetings in Phoenix, Arizona.

  1989 - The American Hydrogen Association was formally organized on December 17th at the Scottsdale Camelback Inn. Roy McAlister took office as President.

  1990 - Publication of the Hydrogen Today newsletter began.

  1992 - The AHA became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in July.

  1992 - During a Solar Energy Expo and Rally in Willets, California, the ' 79 AHA hydrogen Dodge stalled on the Golden Gate Bridge because of an incompletely opened fuel tank valve, creating a Friday afternoon traffic jam.

  1994 - the AHA website went online and the first weekend vehicle hydrogen conversion classes were taught.

  1996 - Roy McAlister published" The Philosopher Mechanic: Notes for Converting Your Car to a Renewable Energy - Minus Emissions Vehicle (REV-ME)" .

  1999 - The AHA sponsored the world' s first hydrogen go-kart race.

  2000 to 2005 - The AHA did research and taught renewable energy classes to students from all over the world at the East Valley Institute of Technology in Mesa, Arizona. Unfortunately, we lost use of that excellent facility when the state cut the education budget.

  2003 - Roy McAlister published" Solar Hydrogen Civilization"  and revised it in 2005.

  Today - AHA members and friends attend monthly meetings, renewable energy fairs, world conferences and trade shows.